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    Hello – since the last update and possibly the last WP update the Full Width Easy Slider on the homepage (Desktop) audio continues to play when the slider is paused. Tested page on Chrome browser.

    I have hidden the Full Width Easy Slider for responsive display (phone & tablet) and enabled the Advanced LayerSlider with a HTML5 video. This all worked perfectly before the updates and now the video does not display centred occupying the screen. Instead it appears very small top left of the frame.

    Also the Advanced LayerSlider plugin (new update) might have a bug. No functions work i.e. add a new slide, view transitions, links & attributes etc… Nothing happens when selected.

    Please help. All details in private content. Thank you


    Please assist – site will be going live next week… Thank you


    Need help please – site is waiting to go live…



    I noticed that you are using a caching plugin. Would you mind opening your plugin’s settings page and temporarily deactivate the caching of your site? Then please try to clear your browser cache and hard refresh the site (Hold CTRL + SHIFT + RELOAD) to see if that solves the issue.

    However, the weird thing for me is that you’re using the same video on Easy Slider + LayerSlider. Why not use just one of them? I guess when pausing one, the other one is still going on, so just remove one of them.

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    Followed your advice and removed Easy Slider. I created a new Layer slide as the other was causing issues. Works great across all devices. Thank you.



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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