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    I would like you guys to modify your theme code to include shortcode parsing for Enfold’s media gallery copyright text meta-field for uploaded images or files. I am not asking you guys how to add shortcodes or how to make them work in my own code, but I am more so asking you guys to improve your code so shortcodes can be parsed.

    The fix is simple, in the file /config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/image/image.php please add a new line above line 631 and place the following piece of code:

    $copyright_text = do_shortcode($copyright_text);

    This will allow anyone to add shortcodes in their copyright meta field for images and also allow users to make their copyright text here consistent across the site.

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    Thanks for contacting us!

    I am afraid some shortcodes would break the layout, especially if you choose to display copyright field on hover.
    I will forward your request to our devs and ask their opinion :)

    Best regards,


    Well, if the shortcode in the copyright meta field for the image breaks the layout, then the customer shouldn’t put the shortcode that breaks the layout, into that field. This is no different than any other locations in wordpress where shortcodes can be inserted, but break the layout. It’s a “use if you know what you’re doing” kinda thing.

    As for the copyright field on hover, I don’t have a concept of how that scenario is valid.

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    If anything, allow us to add a filter or action to that field that we can define in our functions file to add our own shortcode support in that field.



    I forwarded your request to our devs.




    We added filter avf_attachment_copyright_text in the next release. I think this is a more flexible solution.

    Hope this will help you.

    Best regards,

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