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    I installed Enfold on Wednesday, uploaded a logo and everything look GREAT! Got the notice for the upgrade and uploaded that last night and today the site is not working. The hosting found a parse error on line 373 of functions.php. I deleted the theme went to 2011 then reloaded the Enfold and the site does show now but it’s all wacky!

    This is a new site, new install, do you want to see it first or should I uninstall the theme, wordpress and create a new database and go from there? The site is at

    Thank you for your attention to this. I LOVE this theme.



    Please check your installation paths. Your site ain’t working because you probably installed the theme in a wrong location. If I look to your source, none of the Enfold CSS or JS seems to be in the correct place.

    After a bit of investigation I found out, that you’ve installed the current Enfold in a subfolder named “/themes/enfold 2/”. In your header, the CSS/JS is loaded from “/themes/enfold2/”. So I’d recommend you rename your themefolder to “enfold2”. Of couse you may have to make changes to your setup regarding to the path of the theme. So you should check the enfold settings first after the rename. Make some changes so you can save the settings.



    You should probably download Enfold 1.6 then create a new installation using WP 3.5 or higher.




    Thank you guys! I think when I downloaded the update of 1.6 I left the folder name at Enfold 2 when I uploaded it. I fixed that and uploaded again and everything seems fine!

    Thanks for helping out!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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