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    When PHP 7 is enabled, I can’t open the content sections anymore. It just gives an error.
    When downgrading to PHP 5.6 it works just fine.

    I made a video (see it here).

    I also disabled all the plugins, and updated to the newest version of the theme and wordpress, still the same.

    Hope this will be fixed soon.

    Kind regards,




    As for now Enfold is not compatible with PHP 7.0. It is no t a big deal and caused by a change to the handling of indirect variables, properties, and methods in PHP 7.0 (see here).

    I found several places in classes located in files under /enfold/framework/php where the syntax has to be changed to make enfold compatible with php 7.0.

    code like this from class-htmlhelper.php
    $output .= $this->$element['type']( $element );

    needs to be changed to
    $output .= $this->{$element['type']}( $element );

    and code like that from html-helper.class.php
    $output .= self::$element['type']($element, $parent_class);

    needs to be rewritten to
    $output .= self::{$element['type']}($element, $parent_class);

    I am sure kriesi and his team will fix that in the near future.

    Stay tuned and use php5.6. PHP 7 ist still young and should be considered “under development”. It will take some time until hosting companies will introduce php 7.0.

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    Update to Enfold 3.4.3 and it will work again :-)


    It won’t. I already updated to version 3.4.3.. Everything works fine, it’s only the content sections.



    We are doing texts with php7 and making sure we are compatible, but also our latest supporting version, is the one WordPress is supporting also.
    So for 7, please hold while all the WordPress world is there, officially.



    Hi Basilis,

    Thanks for your reply! I’ll have some more patience then :)



    Change line 881 in /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/html-helper.class.php from

    $output .= self::$element['data']['save_to']($element);


    $output .= self::{$element['data']['save_to']}($element);


    Hi @mensmaximus,

    Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I know Kriesi is looking at the compatibility issues and he will hopefully have a working version out as soon as possible.



    I see that the newest version of Enfold (3.4.5) fixes the problem!

    Thank you all!!


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    Hi Michael,

    Great, glad it fixed the problems :-)


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