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    I have photo gallery set up on a number of pages which can be found at
    Please note that you will see a photo gallery appear when you click on each page, but the galleries are not correct. Each page should have a unique gallery and that is not happening.
    Each page has a unique gallery but the photo gallery is not generating the correct id. Even when I use the short code generator, it still doe not create the correct id. I have 13 different galleries. Is their something we need to do in the functions php file to make photo gallery work correctly?
    Ron Mann


    Hey ronmann!

    That looks like a plugin. Have you contacted the plugin authors? They created the plugin so they would know best on what could be going on. Let us know what they say.

    Also be sure to deactivate all of your other plugins while testing to see if any are interfering with it.


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    Thanks Elliot,
    I will let you know what I find out.


    Hi Ron,

    Great, we’ll leave the thread open for you if you should need any more help from us.



    The problem may have been I did not have the latest version installed. This directions to upgrade are limited and gave no help in finding the correct place to find the latest download. I finally figured it out. Personally, I think the Revolution Slider is a better way to show pictures and I changed the photos to that product away from the Photo Gallery.


    Hi Ron,

    Ok, thanks for the feedback. You can find our documentation on how to update here:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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