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    Hi guys,
    I noticed that the performances of the website are unstable, that is what they change several times during the day, whether I made operations on the website (for example if i changing a small part of the text of a page or i insert a pic) or if i not touch the website.

    I am attaching the screenshots made a distance of 1 hour of time.
    http://prntscr.com/jydhvx Pingdom 23/06 ore 12.39
    http://prntscr.com/jydib6 GTmetrix 23/06 ore 12.41
    http://prntscr.com/jydipx pagespeed google 12.42
    http://prntscr.com/jydxdr Gtmatrix 23/06 ore 13.30
    http://prntscr.com/jydy4b Pingdom 23/06 ore 13.37
    http://prntscr.com/jydyf6 Pagespeed Google 23/06 ore 13.38

    Do you know why happened it? How can I solve it?

    For caching and performance I use the plugin “swift performance lite”, because I read in post on your forum that is a great plugin (before I used the W3 total cache, but it not work fine on my website, instead since I use Swift, the performance are much improved, as you can see in the screenshots “good”)

    Can you help me to stabilize the better performance of the website, please?

    Thank you.


    Hey zibbaldone,
    Thanks for the screenshots, it is good that you used the same services a couple of times to have a comparison because you want to use the same servers in your test.
    What I notice when comparing the two Pingdom tests and the two GTmetrix tests is that the file requests change a lot, from 93 files to 147, and from 75 files to 125, this leads me to believe there were quiet a number of changes going on between these tests.
    And when looking at the page load of 26.8mb vs 7.1mb it leads me to believe that one test was done with no caching plugin while the other was with the caching plugin you wrote about, which at 916ms from 10.2s is quite impressive.

    I would say it’s hard to say that the site is “unstable” without comparing the site in the same state a few times, that said it is important to also consider the state of the server during each test, as most people use shared hosting and your performance is also a result of what the next site on the server is doing. Which is why we would take a average of your load times and compare them from the same times and days of the week over a period of time.

    Once you are done developing, and your files are not changing, I’m sure you will find that the small change in load times will be a natural result of your servers, and be within a reasonable tolerance.

    Hope this helps, and well done on your site.

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike

    thanks for your answer. I have had this “problem” for 15 days, before it was not there, before they were always high and stable, I do the tests several times a day. So you think it’s like sometimes the Swift plugin performance lite worked and other times not?

    My server is siteground.

    Do you have any settings to suggest for this plugin to work better with your theme?

    Have a nice weekend.



    I am sure if you contact the plugin developers will help.
    Actually the support team of the plugin developers are one of the top, they will be able to provide amazing feedback for you to help you setup it right :)

    Best regards,


    Ok, thank you.

    Best regards.


    Hi guys,

    I want to update you. I wrote to the assistance of the plugin “swift performance lite” but have not yet answered, in any case I noticed another problem that does not depend on the plugin, as I tried to disable it and the problem persists.

    The contact form of the theme no longer works. In fact, since 15 days I have not received requests for a quote until yesterday evening.

    I did some tests and I noticed that the messages do not arrive, there are only some messages sent by smartphones but not by PC, and with a strong delay.
    So I read your guide: https: //kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/contact-form/#my-contact-form-is-not-sending-emails-, so I installed the contact form 7 plugin and it works perfectly. So I thought the problem is not the server.

    All this did not happen until 15 days ago, the performances were perfect, I received in real time the request for quote from your contact form, everything was perfect.

    I also tried to restore a version of the website before these errors … but nothing, the situation does not change.

    Where can I go to look for the error?
    What can be changed?
    Sorry if I disturb you, I would like to find a solution, I trust in you!!!!!! Thank you!!



    I am afraid there are not a lot we can do from our side, Swift is using a different way of cache and managment, which we cant know how to go through.,

    Best regards,


    Thank you.


    Please let us know when you hear back from “swift performance lite” for a possible solution, and if disabling it solved the issue.
    While we can’t support 3rd partly plugins, we we would like to know of conflicts.

    Best regards,


    Of course!

    Best regard.

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