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    Hi Enfold people,

    I would like to know how to reverse the FILE MERGING and COMPRESSION options in Enfold Performance section. I have ‘DISABED’ this again in the options, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

    I have some scripts (in code blocks and header/footer etc) which have been added after this was enabled, and I have problems making them function.

    Is it easy to undo these actions?
    I wanted to check first rather than create more problems!

    The page shown in private should have a booking form, but it will not show. This page and script was added after enabling merge/compress options. I disbled the options after creating the page.

    THANK YOU as always!
    Stevo :-)


    ps. I also selected to use ‘Disable Shortcode Processing‘ for the code block, but this didn’t help either.



    Hi Stevo,

    Please post us your login credentials (in the “private data” field), so we can take a look at your backend.

    1. Install and activate ” Temporary Login Without Password “.
    2. Go to ” Users > Temporary Logins ” on the left-side menu.
    3. Click ” Create New “.
    4. Add the email address for the account ( you can use (Email address hidden if logged out) ), as well as the ” Role ” making that the highest possible and the expiry about four days
      ( do be sure that we have enough time to debug ).
    5. Click ” Submit “.
    6. You’ll now have a temporary account. Please provide us here in the private section the URL, so we can login and help you out.

    When your issue is fixed, you can always remove the plugin!
    If you prefer to not use the plugin, you can manually create a admin user and post the login credentials in the “private data” field.

    Best regards,


    Thank you. Details added in private.

    I should mention that it only seems to be happening on the page mentioned, and that this is the only page that has been created since the minify & compression changes were made to PERFORMANCE.

    Stevo :-)


    Hi there,

    I’ve cancelled the username, as that particular issue has resolved itself – there was a form error!

    However, could you just let us know a bit about this minification/compression:
    Is it easy to undo once you have set this up?
    Will it cause any issues with code?

    Thank you guys :-)



    If you are looking to turn off file compression then all you should have to do is to disable both options under Enfold->Performance, also make sure to check the Delete old CSS and JS files box before saving, that should remove that functionality.

    Best regards,

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