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    ***You have to shut off rocket loader in cloudflare, for some reason now it will kill the site in FF & chrome. ***

    Original Issue:

    Having issues with the sites working on FF and chrome. Works perfect in IE, works perfect if FF & chrome do a useragent change to IE.

    Errors still occur with wp-rocket and cloudflare in development mode.

    On either browser, no sliders, animations via icon box, animations of any kind. even simple image boxes with images do not display anymore. Have not done any changes to site or changed code lately.

    This is the an error on chrome:
    Uncaught TypeError: $.AviaTooltip is not a function(anonymous function)
    @ avia.js?ver=3:7j
    @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.3:1k.add
    @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.3:1m.fn.ready
    @ jquery.js?ver=1.11.3:1(anonymous function)
    @ avia.js?ver=3:2(anonymous function)
    @ avia.js?ver=3:374

    What is the fix?

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    Hi trebcap!

    can you provide us backend access, to help you setup the caching properly?

    Best regards,


    I’m also have the problem where my google font only appears for a split second when the pages fully loads all the elements on the page. Some html <h1/> text elements stay while others disappear. I tested chrome and firefox browsers both will not load 70% of my home page text. Please if there is anything you can do help, I would greatly appreciate it!


    i removed deferred js plugin and just disabled it, I’ll just suffer the speed loss from compression, at least the website loads on chrome. it worked amazing on safari and ie but firefox and chrome got a 70% loss in all text on the home page. super sad. I wish i could use the deferred js plugin with some small change that causes firefox and chrome to lose the load of svg. / google font.

    if anyone has a solution i’m all ears!
    thanks in advance,



    I’m not sure how the deferred js plugin works, does it remove the script from the header and loads in the footer instead maybe? If so then I don’t think there is a fix unfortunately.

    Best regards,

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