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    Guys, if I add Media Elements “Partner/Logo Element” in the bottom of the page on the main page. When the preservation of the page and / or preview the page. This unit disappears in the Advanced Layout Editor.
    I add again, refresh again and it disappears.

    I noticed that this occurs when re-edit this element, for example to change display settings border.
    View, I have reproduced the problem on video !!!
    [video src="" /]
    How to fix?

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    Hey Slava,

    Please send us a temporary admin login and login URL so that we can have a closer look. You can post the details in the Private Content section of your reply.

    Best regards,


    Please look



    Thanks for the details. So the problem is occurring on the front page? If so, are we allowed to try and add the element ourselves? Or maybe you have a test page?

    Best regards,


    I noticed that this issue occurs in that case when you import a previously saved template.
    For example, if you create a new page, and NOT importing the template, when you add “Media Elements-Partner/Logo Element” this element is stored correctly in all circumstances.

    But if you create a new page and make the template import, this problem (on this page) are reproduced.

    By the way, the Main page is created from the imported template, and there is this issue reproduced.

    I would like to keep the functionality of the import template, as it’s useful, but it turns out it works is not correct.

    I hope this will help you to understand the cause of the problem.
    P. S You can add and edit any page.

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    Rikard, you will be able to help me?



    I tested it on your page and can confirm what is shown on the video, I have also compared it with my local installation and I didn’t experience the same problem with the imported template. Can you try to update Enfold the the latest version which is 3.8.5 (currently you are using 3.8), don’t forget to make a backup. You can check here for instructions:

    Best regards,


    Well, I’ll try to update.
    Please tell me, my custom settings are not reset after the upgrade? For example: the color, fonts, etc.


    The problem is not the import of the Content.
    The problem is that sometimes the changes are not saved “items” on the page. The elements are accidentally deleted, after Update the page
    About this issue a lot of writing on the forum.
    I understand that the problem has no solution..(

    Upgrade to 3.8.5 did not help me. ((



    Actually it’s really a weird issue and honestly I couldn’t figure out the problem since I can’t reproduce on my end and also on your end, it is true for the imported saved templates. Another thing about that is no error is showing up when you update the page, making it hard to figure out what caused the issue.


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