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    The thread was closed for this issue for a previous user, but I have the same issue. The issue persists and I am running WP 3.6.1 and Enfold 2.1 (with Enfold child downloaded from your site) on a clean install of a new host, so I don’t know what the problem is.

    I just deleted Enfold from the themes folder and reuploaded a fresh copy and it still persists.



    I checked the site using this:
    The Color Sections are scaling properly on mobile view. Let me tag Kriesi.


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    Hey! Just checked the site on my phone and the background images appear nice and as expected. Mind sending a screenshot and telling us which version of iOS you are using?


    I’m running iOS 7 GM – freshly restored with no backup restored on an iPhone 5.



    Hi Alex,

    iOS7 gets officially released tomorrow as far as I know so you are still on somewhat of a non-standard browser. I’m guessing Kriesi has not updated yet or perhaps you are on a different dev version since the official release isn’t out (at least right at this moment).

    Try giving it a few days after the release and see if the issue remains. At that point Kriesi may run into the same thing as the general public does with the full release.




    The gm version was released to developers last week which is the same version being released tomorrow. I’ll wait, but that still doesn’t explain why this is happening for other users as well.



    Hey! I am still not sure what the problem is. Images look good and are not distorted or disproportional big (which was the problem in the other thread I participated about iOS and bg image)

    How would you expect those images to display?



    I’m getting that showing the image at full size on mobile is the desired effect. I assumed that the theme would try to maintain the aspect ratio meant for that section, like if the viewable portion of a 500lx400w image on the desktop version of the site was 200lx400w that it was still show that amount of the photo on the mobile, even if it didn’t have the parallax effect so it still looked like a dividing section and not just slapping a full size image on the page. Does that make sense? When I showed the mobile version to people, that was the first question everybody asked me. Why did you put that photo in right there? Then I had to explain that on the desktop, the whole image doesn’t show as it has a parallax effect that is viewable as you scroll.

    I know you don’t want a crap load of js files, but this code for adding parallax to mobile is only 5k:

    Just a thought.

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    I’m starting to lean towards this potentially being either a mis-communication in what the effect is on mobile or the more likely iOS7 issue. Reading over the new changes that Safari has on the new OS today and it looks like people are going to start to see issues everywhere from the unannounced changes the new browser version has on mobile.

    Again, I only have a retina iPad for testing so my mobile testing is pretty limited but Kriesi should be able to take another look at this.

    Best regards,



    At the moment I am not really satisfied with any of the javascript solutions for several reasons but this is still something I want to improve so while you are of course welcome to add this feature yourself I will hopefully find a fix that I like in the near future :)


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