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    Hello. Is there any way to get the parallax effect to work using No Repeat? The only way it seems to work is to use “Stretch to Fit”, which makes my images extremely blurry and way to stretched out. I’m using Center-Center and Fixed for the other options. Also using a boxed-layout. I only have my site locally for now. I have seen other posts with similar issues. I’m using version 1.6. Thanks.


    Hi joe88,

    If the image is fixed, the content will move around it which is the essence of the effect. If the image is smaller than the area it will still be fixed but it will not be as obvious.

    The best, and most direct fix is just to use full size stretched to fit images if it isn’t giving you the visual effect you want.




    Hi Devin. My image is over 1200px wide, so in boxed-layout mode, there is no need to set the option called “stretch to fit”. The effect seems to work, but there is a major gap above and below the image when scrolling. I really think there is a bug when using the no-repeat option with fixed mode. I attached a screen shot below. Would be great to see some videos on this feature. Especially with my parameters. I have lost hours on trying to get this to work. Thanks


    Try it with different image sizes. Not every image size will work with your content. It isn’t going to be a one size fits all solution with this kind of thing and really does need to be hand tweaked. So if you don’t want to change the image, stretch to fit is your best option. Otherwise you need to use a different, more properly cropped image.

    For instance, in this video I use the demo background image. Using the exact same demo file and setting it to No Repeat instead of stretch to fit I get the same effect:

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