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    Hello ,
    some weeks ago i updated the template and the wordpress version. After i update it everything was alright except one thing. When i open one page with some content i had introduced before , now i cant edit anything i cant even see the layout. It stay all the time charging and it never ends charhing.

    I think there is a problem with the editor avia of the template. I am desesperated i dont know what to do , to solve this problem.
    I cant modify anything i had done before i updated to the new 4.0 wordpress.



    Hi estercuni!

    I can’t access the url right now for some reason but what you are describing is an issue with using an out of date theme version with WordPress 4.0.

    You need to be on Enfold 2.9.2+ for it to work with WordPress 4.0.



    Hello Devin,

    But i cannot update the template.

    Sorry i had an error on the web page direction : it is : .

    Could you check up? with the pasword and username i gave in the last message.

    I ve tried to update eveything , but it dosent work still. I am a bit desesperated with this



    Did you try Chrome as a browser? As I can tell, this is the only browser in which I can still do some work. I am experiencing critical issues with Firefox FF (32). So please check out things through Chrome. This might be very helpful. Alexoidea


    I always use chrome for broweser. I think there is a problem with the template update. Many thing have been restricted , i cant even go to the advance options of the template.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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