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    Hey, I recently got the theme working (after having troubles). I am not too sure what I have done but the page titles seem to have gone everywhere?




    Hi Kyle,

    You can turn off the page title on each page with the meta box option for Layout>Header. Its currently set to show on most of your pages right now and should be default turned on if you create a new page.




    Hi, I’m not entirely sure where the ‘meta box’ option is?


    Take a look at this video: and around 4:20 I remove the header for the page I create.


    I did that to the ones that were in the header but there has currently been no change. Does it take time to change or?


    This is driving me crazy. Is there anyway I can completely revert back to how it is when you first install it?


    Not without deleting all of the pages, posts and content no. WordPress doesn’t really have a reset that I know of.

    Can you give a specific example then on what exactly isn’t happening or you think should be happening with the theme/pages?


    I did as you pointed out in the video. I went to Pages>Home v2: 3 Col Images + Contact(or what ever page I didn’t want in the header)>Layout>Header>Don’t display the header. And then update, but nothing changed.


    Do you mean the *menu* ? The header is just the page title and breadcrumbs. The menu is done in Appearance>menus. This is the list of pages at the top of the page.


    Yes, that is what I meant. Sorry, I’m a novice to WordPress. I think it is fixed now. Thanks.


    No worries, we all have to start somewhere :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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