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    when using the Sidebar option “Page Sidebar navigation” the pages on 3rd level disappear when on this level.


    Maybe this minor error could be fixed with a future update, because I’d like to use it. :)

    Ty & regards



    Please provide a URL to the location where this event is taking place. Since there are so many ways to customize this theme, and with a number of updates already released, -there is no sure way for us to provide you with a reliable answer without first looking at the code.

    Your best bet is to mask the link using or show a page on the demo site which displays the behavior. A labeled screenshot hosted on or else where would also be helpful in ensuring success.

    However, a screenshot alone is not very helpful since we need to see the html/css/js code particular to your situation in order to provide a meaningful solution.




    Erm, did you read the topic?

    There is no need to point to an URL because I didn’t touch any CSS or code. But for the sake of freedom you may have a look here:

    Seems there’s no 3rd level page so you may have to create one by yourself. Doesn’t even matter – I found the error, turned the sidebar nav off and used my own plugin.



    Found the problem, just a css issue. Next update will fix that ;)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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