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    I am carrying out a series of proofs within a subdomain of mine and I am a little pissed by far because I want my one-paged site with just a heading, an image in the center and a masonry gallery at the bottom to work. Every time I get to finish the last changes and update, it practically starts all over (deletes everything but the heading text).

    Any suggestion for this annoying issue? I have created an admin account for you to check this out.

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

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    Hey Samuel,

    Is it the page I posted in private? If so, what else do you want to add to that page?

    Best regards,


    Yes! that is the page.
    I want a heading first, then a headline rotator with three categories or phrases, then an image in a center and some social media icons on the bottom with a masonry gallery.
    Issue comes when updating the page. Almost all the work done deletes remaining just the headline or the headline and the rotator and I don’t know why.
    An image of what I want is displayed below.

    I have saved this layout as template 225 but I get it wrong when updating.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Ok, thanks for the feedback. That usually happens when there is open html markup in the content, and it looks like this is the case for you as well. If you open your headline you will see this:

    <b>Samuel Marín

    If you want to text to be bold then please try this instead:

    <strong>Bold text closed properly</strong>

    Please try that out, your content should not disappear if you have closed all html markup properly.

    Best regards,

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    Thanks for your fast reply Rikard,
    Tried with the complete “strong” tag and the issue remains.
    Please try to apply template 225 to the page if you will, then edit the tag and try updating afterwards. That’s when the error comes again.

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    Yes that is to be expected, as the error is likely there when you load template. Could you try to recreate the template without the open markup please? I assure you that this is the cause of your problems, if you don’t have open markup it won’t happen any more.

    Best regards,

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