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    A very worrisome issue:
    I modified one of the sample/dummy home pages to suit my site. Everything was working fine until I saved a recent change and found all of the content elements except for one had vanished. ??? I tried to restore a WP page revision, which showed the previous content on the comparison page, but no luck. Please help!


    It’s hard to know exactly what happened, however if you want us to check it please create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply.

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    Any chance I can get a look sometime soon? I’m stuck until this is resolved. It would be nice to be reassured that the theme is of practical use.

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    Uhm, it’s right there in the previous message: “The page in question is the “Home v4: Small Slider” page.”

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    To say I’m getting a little aggravated is an understatement. It is not restored! You restored the page to the original sample page. None of the content I created is there — meaning I have to recreate the entire page. An explanation of what caused this to happen would also be helpful. I would prefer page content not to vanish without explanation or reason, and without a means to restore it on my own. I’m losing faith quickly in this theme’s reliability and your ability to support it.

    Please restore the page to its previous state or provide some explanation as to what may have occurred. This is very troubling. Content should not just disappear like that.

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    Thank you! I can work with this version. I look forward to the results of your investigation.

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    I manage to replicate the problem. Fortunately it occurred on a backup page I was using . Here’s what happened:

    1. I created 2 (two) half-page layout elements in a page section

    2. I added an image to the left half

    3. I added a “Special Heading”, “Horizontal Ruler” and “Text Block” element to the right half

    4. I changed the content for the “Special Heading” and added content to the “Text Block”

    5. Upon saving, all content disappeared.

    See page “Home:ZNH” for reference.



    Did you add any div tags? Kriesi tested a website with the same issue and he found out that there are unclosed tags. Please check.



    Thanks for the response Ismael. I’ll check the text for malformed html or hidden characters.


    Yep, that appears to have been the problem. I cleaned up the text I added and, voila, the page updated as expected. Thanks again Ismael.

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