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    I have a portfolio page that starts with a Fullwith Easy Slider. “Display the Header” is enabled, to show breadcrumbs and title.
    So, the Easy Slider touches the header – which I don’t like. How can I add a 10px gap between?

    Thank you!


    Hey BelIblis!

    Can you post the link to your website?

    Best regards,


    Hi Yilgit,

    Thanks for all your answers to my other questions. The site is still in development (on localhost).

    Basically, I’d like to get a bit of spacing between the “landscape” grey header and the blue sky. (Same as Between the yellow line and the landscape bit).

    Is this possible at all?



    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options and adjust as desired

    .content { padding-top: 70px }

    top padding is 50px by default



    Sorry – that doesn’t seem to work. It still looks exactly the same, both with or without that CSS :(



    Yes,that is because i forgot to add semi colon :) Sorry. Here is the correct one

    .content { padding-top: 70px; }

    Please flush browser cache and refresh your page a few times after adding code to Quick CSS



    Hmmm… still doesn’t work. (I flushed the cache).

    But I noticed:
    Your solution works for the “Easy Slider”, but not for the “Full Width Easy Slider”.

    Is there any way to make it work for the full width slider?

    Thanks for your help!



    It should work on any page because it increases top padding of content section. Please try adding !important

    .content { padding-top: 70px!important; }

    It works on my end



    Nope, still not working. I even went back & activated the main theme instead of the child theme for a quick test. Don’t understand why it’s working on your end :(

    I’ve tried it both with the Quick CSS section, as well as the custom.css sheet

    On the EasySlider it’s OK, but not on the fullwidth Easyslider.


    I have a working pre-release of the website online – could I send you the log-in details / link as a PM or e-Mail?



    You can post them here. Please make sure to check “Set as private reply (Only you and moderators will see the content of this post)” above Submit button

    Best regards,

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    Please review your website. You can adjust the code in Quick CSS



    Looking great – Thanks very much Yigit!
    Just out of interest: Is it always the #full_slider_1 CSS tag? Or is there also a #full_slider_2?



    You are welcome! It is the id of that certain slider. So it would be different on each slider. You can inspect elements and find out the id :)

    Best regards,


    Very useful thread, thanks.

    I’ve used Yigit’s code to experiment with and adjust the spacing above and below the main content elements to achieve a slightly ‘tighter’ look to my site.

    /* ********* testing space BEFORE main content items ********** */
    .content { padding-top: 18px!important; }

    /* ********* testing space AFTER main content items ********** */
    .content { padding-bottom: 18px!important; }



    You are welcome! Thanks for sharing :)

    Best regards,

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