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    I have 2 sites running the Enfold theme having the same issue.

    They have both been recently updated to 4.0.5, but the issue is still coming up. On every page, my IIS SEO Toolkit is bringing up the following error:

    ‘”Invalid markup: Tag: ‘p’ was not opened correctly.”

    At the end of each page, on the last avia section, there seems to be an orphan </p> tag that has no opening. I’ve gone through several pages’ source code, matching each <p> and </p> and the issue is consistent: it is on the last avia section (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, regardless of size),and it is always a stray </p>. This does not come up in the HTML view when I edit a page – it only shows up on the published page when I view source.

    Any help would be great, thanks.


    Hey DTC-sites,

    To investigate it better, may you share your WP credentials though the private content and share some screenshots about the problem?

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Hey, thanks for the fast response!

    For an example, here is the </p> error on this page: (private)

    error message:
    in the source code:

    You can run any of the pages on our site through and it will show the closed </p> error.

    I also made you a user account (in private).

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    There were some extra space under your content in debugging field. I removed it and updated your page. Please review your website

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,

    Thanks so much for your help – I can see that my example page no longer has that error. I looked at the revision history to see how you did it, so I can copy this on all of the other sites’ pages, but when I made the same changes it doesn’t seem to work? Am I working in the right place?

    This is the debugging field, correct? Sorry, I’m really new at this:



    By removing spaces i was able to eliminate one more error however could not locate the second one. Can you please try removing all spaces in debugging field and updating your page and check if that helps? :)

    Best regards,


    I’ve removed all spaces on [example page, in private] and I’m still getting that </p> error:


    I ran[our page] through a validator site. After trying a couple of things on the page we finally were able to eliminate the </p> when we removed the last “separator/whitespace” at the bottom of the page. I am guessing this is what you referred to when you said I had extra space? When I re-ran the validator and it did not show the </p> error.

    On the same browser, I left the editor and went to go look at the media library. I navigated back to the page editor to fix a different error (bad <span> on a bullet point in a text block, my bad). When I updated the text & re-ran the page through validator, the bullet point error was gone but the </p> came back!

    Not sure if this </p> is something that I can get rid of – it looks like it will keep re-generating.



    the problem with those validator sites is that they always will find any issues. As long as it is not a major issue and as long as your frontend works well, I think there is nothing to be really concerned about. If you ever experience something causing an issue on your frontend, then we would forward this as a bug to our developers though.

    Best regards,

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