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    Hi! I love the theme and am enjoying building on it.

    I’ve started having issues with the LayerSlider since yesterday. Only two slides work and the third one doesn’t load. Here’s what I’ve done to troubleshoot:

    1. Reduced all image sizes to 75 pixels to avoiding overloading.

    2. Deleted and rebuilt the sliders almost thrice!

    3. Deactivated all plugins.

    There seems to be an issue when I add more elements. Please take a look at my site.

    Please look into the issue ASAP as I have to publish this site very soon.


    Hi clayfaith,

    What is the URL for your site? Have you recently upgraded to WordPress 3.6 or install any new plugins?

    If you did update WordPress you must update your theme files to the newest 1.9.1 version. See this video for a how-to:




    Dear Devin

    I haven’t updated WordPress. The only plugin i did install was Custom css. I have deactivated this plugin to see if that was the problem. My website is Please check the same and let me know what the problem could be.



    If you are using 1.9.1 you should update to WordPress 3.6 as well since its the 3.6 compatibility update.

    I would also suggest re-uploading the 1.9.1 update via FTP doing each folder individually in case a file was corrupted or not fully uploaded. This happens from time to time and it can cause odd issues.


    Please note that I’ve done what you suggested but the problem remains. I’ve even redone the slides but they aren’t working.

    Please look into the matter and provide a solution at the earliest. Thank you.


    Looks like all slides are working on your site at the moment. My guess is that after updating your local cache had not changed and so you were still seeing the issue.



    Praise God. I figured out what was giving the problem.

    –> I have a lot of html in the slides. And I had forgotten to “End/Close” some of the html commands, like for example.

    So that was actually not only giving me problems with the slider but also with the whole page. Content was randomly getting deleted and stuff like that.

    Thank God that’s solved. And thank you for you support.



    Glad you figured out. :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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