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    I am working on a site update and we had to add some “Terms & Conditions”, “Impressum” & “Privacy Policy” pages to our website.

    The website is a one page site though. So my issue is when I keep the header with nav visible, the navigation does not work. If I remove the header, then the UX flow back to the “Home Page” doesn’t work anymore.

    I tried to create a menu where every Nav Item was a custom link like . This generally works, but what doesn’t work anymore is the showing the “active” menu item whilst you scroll down on the page. This scenario is currently not visible as I switched it back to the normal menu.

    I hope this makes sense. You can view it on

    Thanks so much & kindest Regards,


    Hey Corina,

    All the links in your menu work for me on the front page and they scroll smooth as well when clicked, not sure if I understand the problem correctly?



    Hi Rikard

    Sorry I was talking hypothetically… The site is a one page site but I now have to add another page to the navigation which is a separate page. Then I do that the Navigation highlighting showing the active page doesn’t work anymore, especially to get back from the “Terms & Conditions” page…

    I’ve added it now, so you can see. I understand why I can’t get back from the “Terms & Conditions” page to the “how it works” section/page but is there a way to make it work?

    Thanks so much,


    Hi Corina,

    You have to use the full URL for in the menu items for it to work properly, for example:

    Best regards,


    i have the same problem. If you use the full URL, the one page did not scroll to anchor!
    best regards



    Please refer to this post –
    If you would like to display a different menu with full URL in inner pages, please use a plugin such as this one –



    how can i make a second main menu. on my page zen ask which menu i want to use. but it works only the main menu.




    It’s working in the blog page.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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