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    Dear Kriesi-team,

    I added a page with a one page menu.
    There is the page “Möbelbau” and it contains many anchors I want to navigate by the dropdown menu. But if you click on “Möbelbau” you don’t see the top of the page. It jumps to the anchor “kuechen”. What can I do to load the top of the page and not any anchor?


    Hey altmark99,
    I see that clicking your /moebelbau/ link in the Private Content area does go to /moebelbau#kuechen
    the same is with manually typing it in.
    I also see that /innenausbau/ goes to /innenausbau#tueren
    I have looked in your functions.php for a redirect script but didn’t find one, do you recall setting up a redirect on your webhost?
    Please try disabling your plugins and clear your cache plugin & browser cache.
    If this doesn’t help, please include FTP access in the Private Content area so we can take a closer look.

    Best regards,

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    I edited the link for you try it out and let me know if it does work out for you.

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis,

    unfortunately it still jumps to the anchors. It happens on both pages using anchors: Möbelbau + Innenausbau.

    Do you have another solution?



    Do you have somehow setup any custom links or redirects anywhere with any plugin?

    Best regards,


    No, we didn’t.

    Do you have another idea?
    On other one page sites that we built with Enfold, this issue doesn’t appear.


    Thanks to @Ismael, we have found there is an error is one of the js scripts that this can happen when tab sections are used with anchor links. There is a temporary fix where we comment out line 209 of the tab_section.js file.
    I have done this for you and cleared your site cache, now the page is not auto scrolling to the anchor links and the anchor links can be used correctly.
    This has been reported to the dev team and they are working to fix this. I imagine this will be included in the next update, so there should be no further action on your part needed.
    Please clear your browser cache and check.

    Best regards,

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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