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    Hello Enfold,
    My main menu has a couple of links, one mega menu and 1 drop down menu.
    In the mobile menu everything and every link works, except the item with a mega menu.
    I don’t need the mega menu to show, I would like for the main link to work, and if possible to fold out the menu items, like it does with the dropdown menu

    thank you very much


    Hi emilcobussen!

    Try this out, http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/changing-the-menu-on-mobiles/, it will let you change the menu on mobiles.




    I tries making the changes in the link provided her, but it broke the site and gave me PHP errors. Does the solution still work with the current version of the theme?




    Hi Shane!

    The guide should work for versions above 3.0.4, make sure you’ve got the latest version installed (3.1). If you are getting PHP errors it means something has not been done properly. Could you please try to check the code you inserted or try again?



    Hello Team.
    I dont’ have a dev to help me with this and I was hoping for a different solution.

    Is it possible to just use the top level link on mobile for a mega menu structure?

    thanks a lot



    @WolfvanHaeren, If you want to hide the mega menu links then navigate to Dashboard > Enfold > Header > Mobile Menu and check the “Hide mobile menu submenu items” option.



    Hi Elliott!,

    Yeah I know about that option. But when I check that, the top level link of the mega menu didn’t do anything anymore.
    It nudged a bit when tapped, that was it.

    Any clue?



    I would try this out, http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/changing-the-menu-on-mobiles/, if your wanting to hide it completely on mobiles. Or if you’d like we can give you some CSS to use.

    Also, it looks like your using Enfold 3.0.8. Be sure to update to the latest version, 3.1.3, http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/portfolio-item/update-theme-files-with-ftp/.


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    You could try to put the files/changes you think you have made in a child theme and take a backup of your current working version, then update the parent theme and activate the child theme. If something should break you can just compare your backed up version and apply the customisations you forgot about to the child theme.

    If you have a developer to help you I think he or she should be able to do this quite easily.



    We have decided to get a Dev just to be sure :)
    So can we update wordpress itself to 4.1.2 or should we wait till we have a child theme?

    Thanks for the advice Rikard, much appriciated



    I think it should be safe to update WordPress, but maybe it would be a better idea to get the developer to do it for you :)



    Dear Rikard, I have a question. What would happen to the quick css I have now if I would make a child theme. Can I just copy it to the quick css box of the child theme? Or does it just stay there. Or does it need to go into style.css? Do you have list of dutch recommended devs? I have trouble finding a good one.



    You can copy your custom CSS code to style.css file of your child theme.
    And you can hire a freelance developer from Codeable and request a Dutch dev

    Best regards,

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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