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    When form submited end field is wrong input/empty need to display message , how can i do it?


    Hey katvanee!

    If you are using contact form element in Advance Layout builder by default it will validate the form inputs. If you still have any issue please send us URL for the site and admin access in a private message so we can take a closer look.



    i just want after validating and when error to display error message not just red border of the input field!!



    Could you provide us with a link to the site in question so that we can take a closer look please?

    Best regards,


    check this form

    when submit with no data it just higlight the border, I want it to display error string let say “you must fill the name”…..



    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab

    .error label:after {
        content: 'Please fill empty fields';



    Hi guys – adding to this old thread!

    Two issues:

    1) I tried the fix Yigit suggested and it did not work. Still, the only error prompt is a red outline around the field with an error.

    2) I would like to achieve explicit error prompts for each field. For example, “Please make sure you’ve entered a valid email address” upon an error in the email field.

    Grateful for any help you can offer. There is a link to my site in the Private Content.



    Did you enable the theme’s Performance > File Compression settings? Please disable it temporarily and then add the css code again. Or post the login details in the private field so that we can check the site.

    Best regards,


    No, those have not been enabled, but I do use the Autoptimize plugin.

    I’ve posted login details in private content – thanks for checking!



    but I do use the Autoptimize plugin.

    You may need to reminify the scripts and stylesheets after adding the css code. Please disable the plugin, add the css code and then enable it again.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    I did as you instructed but there has been no change in the form’s behavior.

    Any other suggestion?




    I would like to access the dashboard but I got blocked by WordFence. Please disable the plugin temporarily. Where did you add the css code?

    Best regards,

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    Hi sump22,

    Please open a new thread and include a link to your site so that we can have a closer look.

    Best regards,

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