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    I’ve been trying everything to fix the 404 error I’ve been receiving on my homepage only but nothing has worked. I went in an made a small change just a moment ago and now I can’t even get to my Dashboard to correct the error nor try to fix the original problem. I just purchased this theme late yesterday and have a lot of work to do to get it up and running. Can anyone help?

    The web address is — but of course, that’s definitely NOT the way the site is supposed to look like (and didn’t until the last 30 minutes). I need to be able to get back to my Dashboard, as well as fix the original 404 error problem.

    THANKS for any help you can give — I’m desperate!



    Please use ftp to upload the unmodified theme files. Connect to your server, navigate to wp-content/themes/enfold and upload the unmodified theme files from your computer to your server.

    Re 404 error: Please try to flush the permalink rules. Go to Settings > Permalinks and hit the “save” button on the option page. Then reload the permalinks settings page. This will force WP to rewrite the htacess file and to rewrite the rules in the database.


    Okay, I’m not a professional webmaster (although I’ve built quite a few websites for clients, 3 using Kriesi themes) but I am familiar with a lot of things. I now have ftp’d the theme files but am not sure how/where to go to upload to my server. Can you please clarify that?

    I have another website to build in the next few days so I really need to get this one completed asap. Thank you for your help!



    With my webhost I was able to get my Dashboard back, but they did find several problems with this theme so I would like to request my money back. How do I go about doing this?



    Please contact Envato: – they’re your contract partner and they can issue refunds.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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