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    I have an issue in that I have to embed an .mp4 video into a client’s website. I’ve currently uploaded it to the website and then embedded it from there. The video has the size 768x1366px. When I embed it it is very small. I would like for it to take up the full width of the column and have auto height. I tried a solution with <iframe> via either “Text Block” and “Code Element” in your Layout builder. First of all it still doesn’t work and it messes up the whole page and just shows a spinning wheel when try to go back in and edit the page. The spinning wheel does not go away and I have to basically rebuild the page.

    Do you know of any solution for this?

    Thanks so much.


    I’m having the same issue – just spins – can’t edit the page once I’ve embedded the video and updated the page.
    Corina – FYI – I created the page the way I wanted and then included a text box where I would add the video and saved it as a template – at least then when I went back to edit, I just created a new page with the template – saved some time.


    Hi Journey 5956… thanks I did that after, template and copy of page… but didn’t expect it to happen first time ;-) … all good. Still need solution though for non standard size videos…. haven’t found that yet. Let me know if you find out anything @journey5956.


    I copied the embed code from Google Drive for the video and put it in the text box – tried several other options, but none worked. Once I inserted the iframe code – text box/code, etc it published fine, but if I tried to edit it, got the endless spinning wheel….
    Would love to find a solution for this…



    We are working on your ticket please wait while we update the results here soon. I tried to edit the videos and it is editable. We could not reproduce the issue you have mentioned above. Please let us know more details which browser you are using and if possible please provide a screenshot of the issue so we can help you better.


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    Hi Vinay

    Thanks so much for looking into this. I am trying to make the video go the full width of the column and not have white areas left/right in the player.. so basically the width will be the width of the column and the height will be auto … (The video has a very non-standard format) as it is an advertising banner which is used on big media websites…

    Thanks so much.



    The video is shot vertical (link in private) that is the reason there is white space on both sides.

    It cannot be altered using CSS however an alternate solution is to edit/crop the video and use it.

    If you google “online video editor” you might get some online editors to crop the video check it out and re-upload the video.

    Best regards,


    I am having the same issue after a 4.5 update. The video shows up extremely small. Added via Video Media element.

    Any ideas?

    I added [embed] code in a text area–for now that is better

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    We will surely help you please open a new ticket and provide the link to the page where we can inspect the issue.


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