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    Hey there. Upgraded to enfold from cleancut, and in the transition it seems not everything is working. Debugging a few things, but mainly right now I’m not getting some of the advanced features to work, such as the non-fixed header. The header is fixed whether I select the large or small non-fixed header in my theme settings. I’ve disabled all plugins, and tested in firefox/chrome/safari. No luck.

    **removed url by Devin on request**


    Hi kzpdesign,

    I’m not having any issues with the header being fixed when I view it now. My guess is it was cached on your end which is why you were seeing it incorrectly.




    Hey Devin,

    Let’s revisit this, are you saying that my site is working correctly and displaying the non-fixed header properly? That is, as you scroll down the page, the header nav menu shrinks and maintains positioning at the top of your browser even as you scroll down? I think you misread and are confusing my question with my header currently working as *fixed* – when it is currently set to *non-fixed* meaning if you see it fixed, it is *not* working.

    As for my viewing a cached version – Negative ghost rider. I have disabled all plugins including those for caching, as well as any server caching services such as CloudFlare. I’ve dumped my browsing data, viewed in Incognito, and as in my original post, tested this across 3 different browsers (of which 2 had no previous visits to said website, thus no cached history to pull from). Thanks again for the help.



    Can you give us a link to your website? Please try a different header then reload the page. Flush the header a few more times, see if the options start working as they should.




    The link is in my original reply… but I’ve figured out on my own how to resolve the issue.

    For future users with the same issue, loading the “dummy data” in the theme options somehow resolved the issue.

    Moderators: Due to the security of my company, please remove my website link in my original post. It is a test server duplicate of my actual site and I wish not to have it publicly listed… I felt secure posting it originally as it was needed for this support issue and I could then edit my post at the time, but it seems your system takes out my ability to edit original posts. As the issue is resolved, it does no help to future users searching support if my site address is listed, I would appreciate if it is removed. thank you.


    Glad you were able to get it resolved :)

    I’ve edited your original post.

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.




    Hey Devin,

    Thanks, but actually, if you could just delete this whole thread – it’s of no help to anyone.

    Realized I was so frustrated in it not working, you were right and it was never broken in the first place. Restoring defaults fixed everything because I broke it :(

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