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    Hi there,

    I am currently developing a WooCommerce Shop-Site. For some reason, there are no space characters possible in all the headlines, buttons. I am using this theme at least for the tenth time, but I never had THAT problem before. I already reinstalled the Enfold theme, but still same problem…
    Please help :)
    You can find this problem i.e. on the “Home” Page. Also the headlines in the side bar widgets won’t let me do space characters.

    PS: Any Idea why the shop site is going so slow?! The pictures are not big in size, so I have no idea why that is…
    Backend Details in private content section

    Cheers, Katrin


    Hey Katrin,

    I can’t load your site at all, please check the URL and post it again.

    Best regards,

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    This reply has been marked as private.


    Thanks for that. This problem should be fixed in the version you are running, so I’m not sure why it’s happening. Could you try to disable all plugin except WooCommerce to see if that makes any difference please? If not then please try to upload the theme again, using a fresh download from Themeforest. We can help you out with that if you share FTP login details in private as well.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    I already did that, like I mentioned above. I downloaded a fresh version an reinstalled enfold but the problem was not fixed 🤷🏻‍♀️ I installed it through backend and not via ftp though, could that be the problem?
    It’s also not fixed by deactivating plugins…


    Hi Rikard,

    I have updated enfold and after that I have the same problem. There are no space characters possible in all the headlines, buttons and textfields images.

    Best regards,


    Hi AstridBerkhout,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there, and give us a link to your website?

    Best regards,


    Are you guys still on that topic? Unfortunately I couldn’t fix this problem so far….


    Hi Katrin,

    Sorry about that, I think Victoria missed your reply. Like I mentioned before; the problem should be solved in the version your are running, so maybe some files were not copied properly. If you want us to try to install it again for you then please include FTP login details in private as well, and please make sure that you have backups of the site.

    Best regards,

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