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    I know how links work in relation to HTML, CSS & Javascript; I know how to simply add an anchor to my (page/#galleryAnchor). I know how to add an ID# to a color section in the ALB. But I found nothing in the docs about connecting my menu with my 1 page parallax.

    So I just tried it the standard way: http://www.myDomain.com/myhomePage/#propGallery
    from appearances/menu/custom link
    Then I reviewed the Docs again and this was the only thing I found:

    “…To point you, the visitor, directly to the portfolio section I would use this link:

    Gramatically leaves more questions than I started with – but I get that, yes, you add the /#anchorName to the appropriate page.

    BUT IT DOESN’T WORK so I went and searched the forums on how to link the menu in general. There are links with different form in this theme, but with no docs or explanation or examples:

    http://www.skybluepreviews.com/bGroup/ (in the address bar)
    http://www.skybluepreviews.com/bGroup/?page_id=3343 (the permalink)
    ‘page,3343’ (from short code)

    There are probably many simple ways to make a link/#anchor with all 3 types but without any way to know how, I’m left to guess and use trial and error. But with anything that is exact, trial and error is foolish. So I searched the forums will all the words below. To learn about linking in general:
    link menu
    link main menu
    add links to menu
    connecting main menu
    main nav
    linking main nav


    Then after reading other topics I found: http://yoursite.com/#anchor Tried it in appearances/menu and DIDN’T WORK

    ALL THIS WORK SO FAR FOR A TASK THAT WOULD TAKE 5 MIN OUTSIDE OF THIS THEME. Or if there was anything at all with a simple example. ANYTHING. This is not an isolated example. The docs have major holes in them. I had to read the docs on another theme to learn about the general stuff and was cleared up on a lot of things in 15 min that I spent a week struggling with on Enfold.

    1) Can someone just show me what an anchor looks like in the short code? or the most “hands on” way to just get it done? Please just code examples, no wordy instruction navigating the ALB that leave out a major step anyhow. I need to link up everything in my 1 page parallax and my client is running out of patience. The first two times I wrote into the forum on another topic, I was answered with “I”M NOT SURE WHAT YOU ARE ASKING” which is what happens when you skim a question cus you don’t give a !*$@ and you know your about to close for a week for the holiday. And that closure cost me a project I committed to do with this theme but there was no support for the entire window of time. But I paid for the support, didn’t get it and suffered losses.

    I’m sharing this because it is what I experienced and I imagine there are many others who are even now experiencing the same.

    The Kriesi Team really needs to learn from watching test subjects new to wordPress try to find answers in the docs and get through basic set up so they know where the major holes are. For starters, you should put the videos in an order respective of the process. This whole setback and support closing cost me more time and loss of income that I can bear to talk about.

    Venting and hoping for a simple answer… and hoping to encourage a revamp of the doc and forum. The theme has so much potential.

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    So I went and got help from another WordPress support forum, no need to respond 2 days from now. Turns out I had figured on the correct file path for the links, but it didn’t work even when I pasted it into the address bar. This was because the ID fields marked for “developers” weren’t even connecting the Id’s that I was entering over and over because the only piece of info I found in the docs was a sentence there by the field mentioning you can connect anchors.

    So If my job were dependent on my arriving somewhere and I were getting driving directions from this theme’s staff, I would search for days for a map that was missing half the roads, only to be told that you can get there by driving “that way” and being pointed in the wrong direction. Then I call the theme’s road side assistance and stay on hold for two days. (back from analogy) And end up finding help from a forum not even related to the theme, while still no response from this one. And then finding out that there’s a very specific way to connect your anchor links because its the only way to work around the Theme itself interfering.

    So here’s what worked:
    Layout a text box where you want to jump to in the Theme’s Advanced Layout Builder and then switch to visual mode, select a header <h1> etc – then switch over to Text mode and you’ll see your header tags, then write in the ID name <h1 id=”anchorName”>header or no header both work</h1> meaning – you don’t need any text between the tags for it to work.

    Why didn’t I just guess that? Who needs instructions?



    Try removing ?page_id=3343 from your links, if that doesn’t work then please post admin login details in private.

    Best regards,

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