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    Hi Support,
    Please help out here. I have no access to the backend/dashboard, in any way. I updated wordpress to 5.2 and a few plugins, now I just see a small strip at the top, and on selection it just reloads the home page. I have, via the cpanel, updated the htaccess file, updated the theme, deselected all the plugins, update the PHP to 7.0 and nothing is helping. Please let me know if you have seen this and if so what might the problem be. YIKES!!


    Plugin Compatibility Checks # Plugin Compatibility Checks
    WordPress will now automatically determine if your site’s version of PHP is compatible with installed plugins. If the plugin requires a higher version of PHP than your site currently uses, WordPress will not allow you to activate it, preventing potential compatibility errors.

    How to rollback WP



    Thanks for the login details. I’m not sure what is going wrong there to be honest with you, are you sure the account in question has the correct access?

    Maybe you could try what @aribann suggested?

    Best regards,


    I did everything under the sun and nothing worked. I was thinking it was tickets for this site then I completed a roll back to WP 5.1.1 and success, I now have dashboard access. Thanks for the help @aribann, huge gratitude.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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