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    Hey guys

    Thanks for such great new improvements.
    However, 2.6 has some problems. The font look strange (as if it’s not rendering according to CSS rules). Definitely not smooth and definitely does not look like Open Sans (as it should be). I have a Child Theme and have Custom CSS in there with all the code adjustments done so far (was all working fine until I updated)

    Also the menu is not responding properly again on tablet. I adjusted avia.js previously with 980px set for both parameters for displaying the menu when the browser shrunk. However I cannot find this in the new avia.js file and now I have NO menu when you turn an iPad to portrait.

    Additionally the large icons (with tool-tip feature) do not work on an iPad – no clickable links or tool-tip displaying!!! Half-way down my homepage if you want to check. Oh and the progress bars don’t animate either…


    Help would be appreciated guys, wish I hadn’t started the update at 11pm at night!


    (Right click enabled, no caching plugin, plugins were all functioning well prior to this update)


    I agree. Subscribed.



    The avia.js change is no longer needed as there is an option for it in the header theme options tab under the sub tab “Mobile Menu”. So the previous css should also be removed and the setting controlled from there alone.

    For me at least the font-family is showing as open sans.

    The icons on iPad I believe is intentional because they aren’t hover events. So the fallback is to not show them.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Devin

    I’ve adjusted and tested the mobile menu responsiveness and that works fine, thankyou.
    Shame about the hover events on the iPad – will have to accept it for what it is I guess…
    As for fonts it definitely looks different than before but I’m not going to jump up and down about it. However, the way each browser is handling H1 – H6 tags is not correct. Bold, ugly and heavy in IE and Safari but looking great in Chrome and FF.

    Any ideas why the animated events don’t work on any browser? Captions don’t scroll on the homepage slider, progress bars don’t animate either.

    Thanks for your help.


    Can you point me to an example of things not animating? Progress bars would be the easiest to see and dig into.


    Hey Devin, thanks for getting back to me.

    Try any portfolio item: http://www.swarez.co.uk/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /timeslides/ for example



    Hey Devin

    just run 2.6.1 and the animations have NOT returned. It worked once after the re-install but now they are static again :( Sam with the Icon ‘rings’ on the homepage (like the Demo site) – no animated ‘pulse’…

    You may like to know that the Portfolio items featured on the homepage are NOT CLICKABLE links on an iPad or iPhone! What? Yes, they were but now they aren’t. You cannot select any of them to open the Ajax box animation anymore – they are just static images on the tablet and phone.

    This is a bad situation for me; can you have a look please?


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    I agree to: do not work anymore on iPad :-(
    All of us should have a developement site to test Enfold upgrade before go online, that’s why i do and it make my life better :)


    I’m not sure what the root cause of it is but I’ve not had any of the same issues when updating my demo site or any client sites so far. I would suggest deactivating all currently active plugins and then re-installing the last update over FTP and make sure there are no write errors.

    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP: https://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/67209750

    Then see if things get back to normal working order.


    No change

    Fresh install, deactivated plugins and still the problem exists.

    What do we do next Devin?


    Hi, the “Hide Mobile Menu Submenu Items” option not work with Mega menu, when is active no click on section to open sub-menus… on iPad, they work on computer.





    I am now subscribed to this thread as well. If I am confused, please let me know, but from what I understand, this thread is indicating that some iPad users are not able to see the icons+circles due to a fall back that disables them? Why is the fall back to display nothing on something as highly utilizable as effect rings? Without the hover effect, they act as perfectly good navigation buttons with no hover effects, so why remove them entirely? I’m using those as in page navigation on the site and need to know if this is going to be an issue as I need to rethink the entire design now. If you could supply the CSS that would let these icons remain on all devices, that would be super useful. I’ll start my own post on this if it helps but this is something that I need to confirm now.

    Thank you,

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    No, this topic is not a single grouped bug thread topic. I’m going to close it off for now actually as the main issues should be fixed in the update that is getting pushed out today.

    If anyone is still having issues please make a new topic outlining the specific issue.

    Best regards,

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