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    Hi guys , just bought enfold for my site

    I used a thematic child theme before but my coding skills now are rusty and I don’t know much php. Anyways I need help on


    Creating the homepage – In my old site, the recent posts is the homepage of my site. I want to create a static homepage just like the enfold sample. I understand you need to add a new “page” ( homepage ) and use the advance layout editor.

    So in the advance layout editor.

    1. Full width easy slider ( not sure what is used in the enfold sample ). What is the ideal size for the images so it can be viewed in multiple platforms.

    2. Just like the enfold homepage there are 3 columns with images on top. I understand you need to add 3 columns, but how about adding the images ?

    3. I want my blog url to show the recent posts, how do I do this ?

    4. Is it necessary to create a child theme when making changes ( customizing colors etc ) not touching any css ?


    Hi dsgnerfw,

    We’ve made some video tutorials that should help:

    1) Full width images is really up to you. Something like 1500px wide is a good place to start and then let the slider stretch them as needed.

    2) It depends on which columns you mean. There is the Portfolio section, a color section with three icon blocks inside and lots of other options. No real single way to do anything because of the amount of flexibility within the elements.

    3) In the main theme options you just need to set the homepage to your “home” page and the blog page option to the page you want the blog to show on.

    4) No, you can do just about everything without touching the theme files. There is a custom.css file included in the css folder for longer css additions and a Quick CSS field in the style tab for short css changes.




    Ok thanks for the help. I was able to view the video tutorials in vimeo and make a test homepage and it works. For the default icons , you can just replace them with custom ones that I want to make right ?

    And in the copyright, can the enfold link be removed ?


    The icons are not image files (its an icon font) so no there isn’t a way to easily replace them with your own.

    For the copyright, you can add this to the copyright field in the theme options after your own custom copyright text:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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