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    Hi there, I just got the theme last week and have a few questions… I’m really struggling to get the homepage put together and looking right.

    1) With the layout builder, I can only seem to get my social icons in a vertical line. Is there a way to get my social media icons in a horizontal line? And then also into a box in the sidebar?

    2) On the fullwidth easy slider, can I change the dimensions to make all pictures the same size?

    3) I found in another thread some custom code to take out the border on the header. I input it and nothing changed. Any thoughts on what I did wrong???

    4) Is there a way to take the link out of pictures? I don’t want every pic to offer a link when hovered over.


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    Hi bethiebfit!

    Thank you for using the theme.

    1.) Insert the social icons on a column layout.

    2.) Select the thumbnail size on Slideshow Image and Video Size. It is better to resize your images to the same ratio before uploading it to the slider.

    3.) Use this to remove the header border:

    #header_main {
    border: none;
    .html_header_top.html_header_topbar_active.html_header_sticky #top #main {
    padding-top: 117px;

    4.) What specific pictures are you referring to? If you’re using the image element, set the Image Link? to No Link.



    Thanks. I have a reply to a couple of your answers AND a couple more questions. :)

    1) OK, that worked to put them in a column. Is there a way to put them into a box in the sidebar?

    3) I copied and pasted this into the Quick CSS and saved the changes. But still no change. Am I putting it in the wrong place?

    4) I guess it’s not always a link. But any picture on my website whether it’s in a blog or just on a page, when you hoover over it either offers a link or an expand option. Is there a way to have it do nothing when hoovered over?

    5) A lot of the time when I try to upload a picture, it gives me an error box. But if I exit out of my website and log back in, the picture is then in my media file but sometimes the quality is pixelated. I’m just wondering if there is a way to avoid this?

    6) Also when I try to put a picture into a text box, it doesn’t give me an option on size so it ends up HUGE and all I can do to change it is drag the corner in over and over again until it’s a normal size. Again, not sure what I’m doing wrong here….

    Thanks in advance….


    Sorry to bombard you. Just a quick update! I figured out number 4.

    Also you mentioned uploading pics in the thumbnail size but when I upload a picture, I’m not given an option on what size.



    1) No, that’s not possible. You can try to install a plugin like: which afaik displays the icon in a vertical box. I didn’t test the plugin though.

    3) I used this code to remove the border:

    #header_meta {
    box-shadow: none;

    5) You can try to increase the jpg quality of the thumbnails – install this plugin: and set the quality to 100%.

    6) You can select the size of the image before you insert it into the textbox content:

    Best regards,

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