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    Hi Enfold team,

    Possibly a bug in the new featured slider. When i choose “Title + Read More Button”, the slides rotation (automatic or manual) seems to stop after 2 slides. No such thing with the choice “Title only”. Enfold 3.4.1 here.

    Love the featured slider. Enfold lacked this very simple slider (with featured image and automatic link to posts). Never understood why … It’s so damned important when you’re building a site for some very busy people who want a minimum interaction with their site (title, category,writing posts, featured image, and that’s all). I think add some text possibility on the slider like the Easy slider would be very useful… In fact i would have loved to just have a choice “post source (with its featured image)” in the current easy slider… But, i know, i should discuss about that on the “wishes” page ;)

    3.4, smart update …

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    Hey ouranos3!

    Yes, you are right, you should make feature requests in – :)
    Also, thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it :)

    Have you tried de-activating all active plugins and check if that helps?



    Thanks for your answer Yigit.

    No active plugin, except “Network privacy” which is protecting the multisite. Check by yourself with admin access in private section. Same featured test image for the three posts in the featured slider, different titles.

    Thanks for your help. Have you checked you cannot replicate the problem ? … ;)



    login does not work for me. Can you check please?

    Best regards,


    Thanks Andy, you’re right, the password does not work. But it seems the slider bug has been taken care of in 3.4.2 …



    Ok great, please let us know if you should have any more trouble.

    Best regards,

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