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    say with other words: “It is not allowed to load google webfonts from servers outside of europe.”
    So its better, if all webfonts are local on my own host.

    Dear team,
    we must disable all google webfonts, which are not included in the theme and on my local host.
    Whats the solution?
    Can you put it into the theme with the next update?


    Dear SDUS,

    why do you must delete Google Webfonts?
    With E-Recht new DVSGO-Generator, the following is attached in the privacy police

    Google Web Fonts
    Diese Seite nutzt zur einheitlichen Darstellung von Schriftarten so genannte Web Fonts, die von Google bereitgestellt werden. Beim Aufruf einer Seite lädt Ihr Browser die benötigten Web Fonts in ihren Browsercache, um Texte und Schriftarten korrekt anzuzeigen.

    Zu diesem Zweck muss der von Ihnen verwendete Browser Verbindung zu den Servern von Google aufnehmen. Hierdurch erlangt Google Kenntnis darüber, dass über Ihre IP-Adresse unsere Website aufgerufen wurde. Die Nutzung von Google Web Fonts erfolgt im Interesse einer einheitlichen und ansprechenden Darstellung unserer Online-Angebote. Dies stellt ein berechtigtes Interesse im Sinne von Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f DSGVO dar.

    Wenn Ihr Browser Web Fonts nicht unterstützt, wird eine Standardschrift von Ihrem Computer genutzt.

    Weitere Informationen zu Google Web Fonts finden Sie unter https://developers.google.com/fonts/faq und in der Datenschutzerklärung von Google: https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.



    Hi, thanks for this information! Very good!
    Because after 25.05.2018 you need the explicit opt-in of the user, if you transfer personal informations (ip or what ever) outside of the EU. The fontsserver are in usa – so i must disable it or have an opt-in from the sitevisitor.

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    That is not needed. You can simple point on your Terms of Services what you are using and then you will be safe.
    GPDR is MOSTLY that users have to 1. Accept that you save their Info 2. They can delete their Info.

    Best regards,


    I also asked today, because I didn’t see this thread before -sorry for that…
    Nevertheless I’m with your opinion, SDUS – in the EU it is required, to give the possibility for an opt-in to the user.
    I think we do not have to discuss the meaning of this privacy policy because it only hinders us in our work, but we have to act accordingly.
    If there is any possibility to delete the user’s info by the user himself, would thar be okay.

    „Durch das Einbinden seiner Schriftarten registriert Google Fonts jegliche Nutzung Ihrer Website. …. Alles, was Sie auf Ihrer Website in Sachen Verarbeitung personenbezogener Daten anbieten, müssen Sie Ihren Nutzern auch erklären können. Und das am besten in einfacher Sprache. Dass Google Fonts die IP-Adressen Ihrer Nutzer registriert, muss in diesem Kontext betrachtet werden.“ (Quelle: https://www.internetkurse-koeln.de/wie-sie-fuer-wordpress-google-fonts-deaktivieren/)

    „Am 25. Mai 2018 tritt die EU Datenschutz Grundverordnung in Kraft. Eine der Auswirkungen für Webworker und Designer: Es dürfen keine Schriftarten (Fonts, Webfonts) aus dem nicht-EU Ausland auf Webseiten nachgeladen werden. (Quelle: https://www.internetkurse-koeln.de/wie-sie-fuer-wordpress-google-fonts-deaktivieren/)
    Hope to get any help.
    Best regards



    Thanks for the information!
    We will discuss this with Kriesi and our devs :)

    Best regards,


    Hi @yigit, hi @basilis,

    I’ve been dealing with the GDPR monster for the better part of the last couple of weeks. I just wanted to start a thread about local font inclusion. In my opinion, it’s not as easy as updating the privacy policy.

    Like with many embeds, the problem is that the fonts are loaded long before the user has the chance to opt out or in. Hosting the fonts locally would definitely be the cleanest option. Besides, it helps with Gmetrix as well :)

    I read this tutorial: https://www.news47ell.com/how-to/host-google-fonts-locally-wordpress/

    But Enfold is quite complex – I guess there’s a couple of code lines that would require an update. Would be awesome if there was an easy solution (like with the additional uploadable icons).



    Dear Datadirt,

    i go with you in most points. For Google-Fonts: I’m sure, that is only one rule in code for Kriesi with resulting in an option.
    (at google services or fonts-area with a checkbox: “Use Google Fonts or Websave fonts – global”

    I think, something was described here. But i’m not a fan to say to users: Modify your own funtions.php

    Google Fonts




    And for my understanding: Same is with embedded YouTube scripts.

    1. This scripts are loaded from server with massiv loading time impact
    2. Many scripts are loaded, before user has seen this video
    3. The page loading time is reduced in many cases to a half, if this scripts are not (pre)loaded
    4. There are many techniques to prevent YouTube preloading, with same effect for user. A static picture can be shown. This techniques are long time known.
    5. And of course. Googles “mobile first indexing” which comes in july will give all fast pages an big impact and vice versa – And today, i see black for enfold. Many scripts in css and js are unminified and uncompressed. Why Kriesi deliver this not in one package: I have no idea! The mobile first stuff is known since 2015 and kriesi has sleept about this for preformace. User must loading plugins from other resources (and we must trust this ressources) like
    – WP Disable to unload unnedded things like emojis etc
    – Remove Query Strings From Static Resources
    – lazy load for videos
    – fast velocity minify

    All these must user include to wordpress, to get a pingdom / gtemtrix values from F to C or B and a page loading time reduction from 5 to 3 seconds or 3 to 1 seconds ( if no video is preloaded).
    The rule “minify your needed plugins for security reasons” is destroyed.

    Hope, you improve this in near time.

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    Hi @Hokuspokus,

    Enfold is a lightning-fast theme when combined with a good caching solution – I’ve switched to WPRocket two years ago and I’m very satisfied. It’s not free, but it saves you from installing a couple of plugins (minification, lazy load, static query strings, unloading emojis…)

    Google’s CDNs are quite fast – but I definitely DO NOT want to globally deactivate all Google fonts. I just want to host the ones I use (3) on my own server.


    Googles CDN – Yeah, here is google again. Where are the datas, if i use googles CDN? Is it conform with GDPR?
    And Enfold can also deliver his own minifaction etc. That users load plugin is for my understanding not needed, if all is delivered by enfold and in the code included. Only in this form is it safety, that all works fine with enfolds script.

    I have seen so many stuff, which destroy elements or pages running not perfect.


    And that is also my expectations when I buy a modern theme. A page loading time of more than 5 seconds on a high performance server (not shared hosting) it’s not acceptable.


    Friends, Kriesi is located in Austria – and within the EU LAW. I think, we get a complete solution from Kriesi. :-)



    What @sdus said is true :) We are following up on the news and we will make sure Enfold meets requirements of GDPR before deadline. Google is also working on it so i am pretty sure transition will not be so complicated.

    That being said, a fellow Enfold user and a great contributor to our forum @guenni007 started this thread – https://kriesi.at/support/topic/disable-google-font-loading-via-google/ so you can disable loading of Google fonts and host them on your server.

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,
    thanks a lot for your reply – the code is working perfectly!!!
    Now I’m ready for the new DSGVO!

    Best regards



    Great! Let us know if you have any other questions or issues :)

    Best regards,


    We are following up on the news and we will make sure Enfold meets requirements of GDPR before deadline.

    It isn’t

    Fonts, Maps, Google Video: all loads stuff outside the own servers

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