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    I manage an agency-created nonprofit website using the Enfold theme – currently, all pages use the same template for header, footer, and menu options. One page currently functions as a “landing page” for an associated business alliance, off the main menu.

    I recently purchased an add-on domain with the intent to promote this new URL as the public-facing address for the business alliance via a redirect to this existing landing page – the idea is to make it seem as if the Alliance is its own site, although still connected to the original parent site.

    Therefore, I would like this ‘landing page’ (and its associated sub-pages) to have a similar design template while also being able to customize the header with a different logo and menu text options, and the footer with different form and social channel links.

    I don’t have major coding skills – is there a relatively simple way to accomplish this? Any help very much appreciated!


    Hey J-Gambill,

    So you are looking for a page and it’s sub pages to have a different design, on an existing Enfold installation? If so then easiest way to do that would likely be to use the footer option which let’s you create your own design in a page. The header is a bit more difficult though, but I would suggest that you create your own header in a page, then you can select to hide the header on the page with a different design, and show it using the Page Content element.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Rikard – how do I do this: “you can select to hide the header on the page with a different design” – seems to me that I saw a designation that you can assign EVERYWHERE to the main menu/header, or assign it to individual pages but I can’t seem to locate the setting again. jackie



    you can select to hide the header on the page with a different design

    The option is located in the pages’ Layout > Header visibility and transparency settings. Please note that this will also remove the default menu and any elements inside the header. You will then have to create your own custom header for the page using the Page Content element as suggested above.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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