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    I am using Enfold for a company website, hosted by GoDaddy. And our company uses Act-On Marketing Automation. They have a Beacon tracking code that we can put on “every” page of our website so it will track visitors. I included a link to the documentation Act-On provides. I just want to confirm this is correct for your theme or if you would advise me to place this somewhere else. It would be great if I could add it in the same box as my Google Analytics code but understand if that’s not possible. I have added the script Act-On provided for my company in the Private Content section. Thanks!


    Hey jend_onesource,

    Did you try to follow the guide? If so, did you run into any problems? You could try it in the Analytics box as well, it might work.



    So I added the Act-On Beacon tracking code to the Google Analytics box below my Google Analytics code. I don’t think that is working so I tried to add it to my theme’s functions.php file per the documentation. In the documentation it says you can add it via the Admin Editor – which I assumed from the WordPress Dashboard. Of course it has ALL these warnings not to do it to the live site, etc. Well I tried to add it below all the other code in the file. Immediately, I got a error and the site was broken. UGH!!! Fortunately, I did copy the original code onto Windows Notepad. Then I tried to correct the file by accessing the functions.php file via FileZilla. I tried to copy the original code that I pasted into Notepad over and save over the functions.php file. Still nothing – site is still broken. So I called GoDaddy. I was advised to save the functions.php file to functions.php.bak. That seemed to work and my site is back up. However, now I don’t have a functions.php file in my child theme under WordPress Dashboard/Appearance/Editor.

    Do I need a functions.php file in my child theme? If so, how do I get this back correctly? Can someone please help?



    Please provide us with FTP details, so we can create the files again for you :_)

    Always work on child themes, so no such issues witll happen!



    @Basilis I DID work in the child theme. I did not touch the parent theme! Details are in private section for FTP login. Any chance someone could help add the beacon information to the functions.php file so it’s done correctly? Documentation was posted earlier & my company beacon code is listed in the private section. Apparently, I’m inept and can’t follow their directions. Thanks!!!



    I put a new functions.php file into your child theme directory and your website works fine now. However, when I put in your custom code it will break your website. We can’t provide support for all 3rd party plugins, so you need to contact plugin’s author about this.

    Best regards,


    Thank you! What about the Avia Debug code? It’s not there anymore. Do I add it directly from Editor or do I need to add it from the FTP?



    You should be able to add it through the editor:

    Best regards,

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