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    Hi guys , I’m totally clueless with responsive design since I’m more of a fixed width layout kind of a guy. I understand the layout slider uses layers and transparent png files.

    I want to know about

    > In the enfold example, the first slide is this wooden floor , and there’s a monitor, laptop , phone and text .

    This wooden floor << what is the exact size or recommended size for a background in the layout slider ?

    For the transparent png’s , I don’t get it. Do you need to make sure the png’s inside can be contained in a 960 width or lesser layout ?

    Or to sum it up. How do I make the background images , and other images in the slides compatible with most formats ( mobile, pc, etc ) ?



    Import the Dummy data. Check the dimension of the layers on LayerSlider WP. The slider “Enfold – most beautiful theme ever” is a nice example of a responsive slider. Suggested background image size 1600x470px.




    Ok thanks, will do that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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