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    No I mean the style of the text. The text is ok, but how can I get it into BOLD?


    Add font-weight: bold to:

    #top .slideshow_caption .avia-button-wrap a{
    	padding: 15px 16px;
    	text-transform: uppercase;
    	text-decoration: none;
    	min-width: 140px;
            font-weight: bold;

    Thank you so much Josue!!! You are my hero!!

    So much thanks for all your support!!! Really appreciate it! Really fast response!
    Others can learn from you!!

    I hope that if I need some support in the future you would be the one that could do this for me!

    Thanks again bro!



    You are welcome Anthony, glad to help :)



    Hi Josue,

    How are you? It’s been a while, but one little thing I can’t get the space between the two buttons on top as same as the ones underneath them?
    I have changed the light transparent buttons to green so they have all the same color.

    Could you help me out?


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    I’d suggest you ditching the built-in buttons and place the four as shortcodes, wrap each row with a div:


    Makes sense?



    Hi Josue,

    It is not possible to place the four as shortcodes, because the 2 buttons Biography and Get In Touch are not different pages. These are on the home page when you scroll down.
    Could you help me?



    You can still link anchors in a button shortcode:

    [av_button label='Click me' link='manually,#anchor' link_target='' size='small' position='center']

    Thank you so much Josue! It works fine now and the alignment is perfect!



    You are welcome, glad to help :)



    I’ve modified the files to add an additional button to the full screen slideshow –

    When opening the modal window to add the caption/buttons I can see the 3 button selection in the code, but the modal window is only showing attributes for button 1 and button 3. It appears that the window height needs to be tweaked but I’m not having any luck thus far.

    Also, I’m hoping I can include the modified files in my child theme so I would really appreciate your insight on all items mentioned here. I’m running the latest Enfold rev.




    If you have any additional questions at this time we kindly ask that you open them up in a separate thread. The longer threads get in the forum, they become more difficult to support as they tend to drift off topic and they also make it troublesome for users trying to search for solutions. Keeping threads relevant to their original inquiry ensures that we can keep better track of what has been resolved and that users can more effectively find answers to similar issues they might be experiencing.


    Best regards,

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