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    I have already set up basic things ; Logo (on the header) Main Slide Show, About Us) for ENFOLD
    But I cant set-up the following options:

    1.) To set-up Blog post.
    However, I already import dummy but when I clicked to edit blog. It’s still pretty blank.
    How can I fit, set up the following?

    1.1 How to Set up blog post to appear on the main page (showing the latest post) I’m using Enfold for blogging purposes.
    1.2 How can I set up blog style for Blog Author Single big by using “Postformat Gallery: Multiple images”? I have to post any imgaes per blog Then I want to add the comment at the end of each blog post
    1.3 How can I set-up the blog to show only the one I post but not all the dummy import?
    1.4 How can I arrange each blog under different categoris eg. Travel blog, fashion, beauty? I want these categorty to appear on the header menu instead of portfolio, pages, blog, etc?

    2. To set up header
    2.1 Already insert my own logo but its too small. How to increase the size? i’m 4s5g 300 x 137 at the moment
    2.2 The homepage on the header names are duplicate like Home, Home, Blog, Blog
    How can I delete the duplicate ones?

    3 How to set up categoris
    I saw that category such as Frontpage/ Images/ News/ Uncategoriez and homepage buttons like blog, portfolio are different. I want both to be the same like have categories option in the footer and same category on the home page button. How can I set that?

    4. How to set-up portfolio?
    4.1 I dont want to use it with CSS (How does that work by the way?) I wuld want to manually d6wnload photos or link with photos from blog post how can i do that?

    5. How to set the latest new?
    5.1 Can I chagne the name to relates post? and where can I add “related post” option in the end of each blog?

    6. How can I remove the WordPress main text on the window tab. (WordPress Site I Just Another WordPress Site). It sounds bad and ruin the image of website. How and where can I chage the wording?

    Lastly is there a document or tutorial in full legth t6 set up all these? Portfolio/ Blog?? Its so important

    THank please answer as soon as possible


    Hey Wanderlustme!

    Looks like you need to watch these videos to learn more about the theme:

    Refer to this link for basic stuffs:

    Please come back to use after you watch the videos and figured out most of the things above. You can setup a blog using the Blog Posts element on a page. You can select which categories to show and how many posts you want to show on a specific page. Select different blog style like grid, multi author etc. You can control the number of comments on Settings > Discussion. Related posts are shown by tag.

    For the menu, please go to Appearance > Menus then create a new menu. Assign this new menu as Enfold Main Menu.

    Create portfolio page using the Portfolio Grid element. Like the blog posts, you can select which categories you want to show on a specif page. You can also use the full width masonry element if you want to show the blog or portfolio in a different way.

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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