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    As my title suggests, I am displaying a group of retailers and their logos that sell our product line and wish to have it available for the user to see.

    How would you recommend I use enfold to accomplish this task? A custome full width slider? I beleive there are “solutions” but I wanted to hear from the enfold developers (or those who have come across this rather routine display feature) and have found a great solution already before I begin “tinkering”.

    Thank you in advance, and thank you for your continued work on this theme.


    Hi MikehJPP,

    It really depends on the final presentation you are looking for. A full width image slider will work but its still an image slider. You could even use a wordpress gallery grid if you want them to show up as a grid of images or any of the other image display options.

    With how open ended the idea is, you really could do just about any option.




    Hi there,

    Ive been hoping for something similar. The grid I suspect we all cant achieve easily is the 6+ columns by 2+ rows grid where you can rollover a grid box and the client logo’s (in each box) would switch between two states (usually mono to a colour). The grid box might animate out slightly, dim or in some cases flip over but regardless of which there would be a link attached to go to a URL or clients work or a page within the site.

    The above is what nearly all creative/portfolio developers supply out of the box and the only way ive been able to get close with Enfold is to create a basic image grid and disable the mouse click functionality (as a photo view would be pointless – it needs to be a link)

    Its crude and far from ideal but for now I think its the best option.




    That is probably the best solution for the grid style view.





    FYI, I installed this basic plugin and it works quite well. Just added the shortcode in a textbox, and set the logo slider width to 450px in order to avoid (some of the) problems as it’s not responsive (even though doable through a custom css).

    Too bad this plugin doesn’t support greyscale/colour logo transition…

    Adding my 2 cents to see this feature in Enfold…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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