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    For some reason my Navigationpoint does not work. I created a Page named Kontakt and set that up in the Settings under Menü. I creaded a Menü for Enfold Main Menu and saved that. And build a Navigationpoint for just the Kontakt Page – that means I’d like to have just one button in the Navigation. I also set the static page in the Settings, but anyway…. if I go back to my website click on the botton I creaded for the Navigation it does just realode the Mainpage. I never had that bevor I just have no clue why that could be … this is really strange to me! Any idea why this could happen?

    Please have a look


    Password: Enfold_2013

    Thank you



    Hi Btina,

    Would you like the page to slide to contact form when you click on Kontakt menu item? If so;

    1) Edit your page and click on “Edit selection” where your contact form is

    2) write “kontakt” in “For developers: Selection ID” section

    3) Add new menu item Appearance > Menus under Link with url #kontakt and Link Text Kontakt

    And finally add this menu item to your menu




    Hi Yigit

    Thanks for you’re replay.

    Actually I don’t wan’t to generate a Menü with #kontakt I just want to use the Page Kontakt I already prepared for the Menü. But somehow it does not work. Here are the link http://goo.gl/dMzOe3 with in 3 images one for the Menü I creadet. 1 for the Kontakt form on the Kontakt Page and 1 for the settings in my kontakt form. Actually coulden’t finde the prefferences you have showed to me !?

    I just want to generade a Menübar with the Kontakt Page in it – make that sense to you? Is it working in you’re browser? Let me know.




    Hi Btina,

    You should create color section, give ID to that color section and then add your contact form on that color section. You can create a temporary admin login and send it to me on and i can do it for you.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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