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    i want to make a Onepage Startpage with enfold. But i want to start the Navigation on bottom and while scrolling the navigation fixed on top. how i can do this best?

    Here is a example of what i intend:

    Also i need this smooth scrolling ( i think it’s a some of this smooth-scroll jQuery Plugins…)



    i can explain for you how its done. you make a fake menu that goes up from the bottom, to the top and keeps on going. But just at the moment that the fake menu is lined up perfectly on the very top , jquerry makes visible a menu that is real but looks identical to fake menu that was invisible on the very top all along and it becomes visible the very moment the fake menu occupies the same space but on a level below it. This creates the illusion that the menu became stuck on top.

    I suggest you become familiar with Chrome developer tools which will help you to locate the code – both css and jquery as well as html which create this illusion. however you will still need to know php and wordpress specific functions in order to be able to create a functional menu and integrate it with a theme. Such a project is outside the scope of the support team and we recommend you hire a freelance developer to assist you, or find a plugin that offers such functionality.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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