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    I have read various threads about this subject on Enfold, but none seem to have solved the dilemma.

    This question concerns the Frontpage of


    On that Frontpage, I have a color block set up with an anchor on a single-page navigation. (The color block is the aqua one near the bottom of the page, saying “Already bought a tracker?”)

    The site navigation is a standard menu including a menu item — custom link — entitled “Cheap Sim Cards.”
    This menu item calls that pesky FrontPage anchor.

    The “Cheap Sim Cards” menu item itself is:

    When I am ON the Frontpage, the menu item goes PRECISELY to the top of the aqua color block with the anchor.

    Problem — Not working:

    When I am on another page — seemingly ANY other page — clicking on that SAME menu item goes to about an inch above the top of the aqua color block with the anchor.

    Try it out here:
    On the FrontPage, you’ll see a menu item: “Smarter Tracking”.
    Click on it and you’ll go to the page:

    When you’re on that “Smarter Tracking” page, click the “Cheap Sim Cards” menu item.

    You will see that you end up on the FrontPage — about an inch ABOVE the top of the aqua color block.

    I CAN click on the “Cheap Sim Cards” menu item AGAIN…and will end up in the proper spot… but would prefer not to have to do that.

    Thanks for any suggestions…

    BTW, what’s best way to show you the working and not working results in images? Know it’s simple, but not sure best way!



    Have you tried disabling all third-party plugins to see if it gets fixed? the offset calculation may be affected by a third-party script.



    Okay, I’ll try! You’re saying with Enfold this activity DOES work for others — moving from one page to color block anchor on another?


    Yeah i can recall testing this on my local install some time ago without issues, but each install is different.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Josue.

    Think I’ll pursue making a separate page with just the tiny amount of code I need to duplicate. Probably better for SEO purposes, too!
    (And the ALB makes that an easy process.)

    I have tried to do the navigate to another page’s anchor before…and it DOES navigate…but arrives at spot for anchor and then scrolls down (?) — acting as if the anchor is ABOVE where I put it.

    Next time I have a plain vanilla system, I shall have to play with it.

    Took your advice and I turned off all the plugins I could feasibly turn off and just couldn’t get it to work.

    Probably one quirky thing somewhere…not worth my time….certainly not worth yours!

    Thanks again for answering.


    Sure, try it on the vanilla install and let me know the results.


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