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    I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t get the images on the left side of my ‘Finishes’ page, info in private content, to align to the bottom footer without a margin/white padding in between. I’m trying to get the images to fill the space top-to-bottom as the page expands (perhaps these are 2 different questions – I had them filling the space once and then kept adjusting and lost it). On my other pages, the images don’t fill the section the page expands and shrinks, but my main question is where is the white padding between the image and the footer coming from. I’ve tried adjusting the code within the blocks, and all various options for the columns, individual height vs. equal height, and the obvious alignment options, etc…. I tried putting the images in divs and tables… I would greatly helping knowing if there’s something I’m missing!


    Hey larazier,

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    So sorry – thank you for your help and time. New pass in private content.



    Wordpress is cropping images by default when uploading them. You can control this behavior with a plugin like

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