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    On my homepage, somehow mysteriously appear white spaces between the sections. These white sections do not exist in the backend; how can I remove them?



    Hi iclarity,

    Those look like empty color sections from what I can see. It could also be padding on the section but its a bit hard to tell from the front end. Try looking through the content sections you have on that page and see if there is either an empty color section or changing the padding on the one holding the portfolio for instance helps.




    Thanks for the reply devin; I checked it out once more, but there is no section in the backend (see: . In front-end somehow additional Div’s were added, I have no clue why this is. I have checked the post in the database, there’s no section there. The After-section div seems to be added when the page is generated.


    I’ll tag this for Kriesi because I’m not sure if this is an intended behavior or a bug. For now you can try to fix it by deleting following code in wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-templatebuilderavia-shortcodessection.php:

    $new_params['id'] = "after_section_".( avia_sc_section::$section_count );
    $output .= avia_new_section($new_params);


    Hey! You are running an older verision of the theme, which might be the cause for your problem. please update to the latest version first and let us know if that helps :)

    If the problem persists we might need to check your installation, but first lets do an update ;)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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