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    Shinpei Kuga

    On Friday I purchased another regular license for the Enfold theme because I needed to ask some questions regarding the theme which had been used for my site emberaneuro.command all of a sudden broke.SO I purchased registered against the purchase code and asked a question because I could not find the answer in your forums- I even checked the box asking to be emailed any replies. Over the weekend I got no replies to the question and today I check and no longer can find my original question- Moreover while my account seems present I have no means of re-asking that question.

    I believe somehow my purchase license and my account got disconnected. I certainly cannot register with the purchase code again- and I am very annoyed that I cannot even find my question in your forums- I would really like some answers to what is going on.


    Hey Shinpei Kuga,

    Can you please let us know the email you used for registering?

    Best regards,


    Shinpei Kuga

    So I guess no one can find my question and I still cannot post anything normally to the forums so I am going to have to re post my question because even though I had recently purchased Enfold it does nto appear my account acknowledges that-

    So do I
    1. re-post my original question here or is that a breach of etiquette?

    2. Impact on business is significant so I would appreciate some kind of answer soon.



    I searched your email on our database and found this account – But it does not seem like you started any threads.

    I reset your forum logins in case you forgot them and attached in private content field. Please start a new thread under Enfold sub forum – after logging in.

    Best regards,

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