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    I create a new sidebar and affect to a page, but the default one is also displayed in addition to the new one !

    Thank you for your help


    Please take a look at :

    This page is build on Avia layout builder displaying CPT

    I found a temporary solution :

    Set layount to “No sidebar” on the page

    Add a sidebar via Avia layout builder in 3/4 1/4 layout !

    Thank you for your help



    Do you use a custom template for the post type? If yes please deactivate/delete it otherwise it can conflict with the template builder.





    How I can assign “car sidebar” to my CPT single post page, by default the “blog sidebar” is assigned ?

    Also in the navigation:

    You are here : Home / Cars / ASTON MARTIN DB9

    How to remove “Cars” wich is the name of the custom post type ?

    Thank you


    Hi dweb,

    If you made a custom post type, then you can define the sidebar specifically in the single-$posttype.php file for that post type within the theme files. You would also need to register the sidebar manually to make sure there are no issues with it being access via php and get_sidebar:



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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