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    Helle there,
    Is Enfold Designed to support a multisite installation ?
    My idea is to create as many theme child of Enfold as there is sites in the network.
    Each site will be a subdomain.

    Thank you for your answer .

    Best regards.


    Hey Sophabed,
    You would need to configure each instance of the theme on your multisite. The child theme would reflect whatever changes are in it but it doesn’t automatically reflect a parent theme or any customization of the theme options without manual changes.
    in other words:
    1) Install the parent theme on the network.
    2) Activate & configure the parent theme on each sub site separately (Do not network activate)
    3) Install the child theme on the network.
    4) Activate and configure the child theme on each sub site (Do not network activate)

    A. When making a change to the configuration of the theme, do this to the parent theme that has been activated / sub site.
    B. When customizing or overriding the parent, do this on each child theme that has been activated / sub site.

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,
    Thank your for these very clear, fast and helpful explanations !
    I will definitely go for a new Enfold licence.
    Best regards,


    Your welcome and Thank you for using Enfold. Shall I close this one now?

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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