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    We have two separate areas on our page that each use pagination. When you click page 2 on one pagination area it goes to page 2 for the other pagination area. When one pagination area runs out of posts to show, the other pagination assumes it’s position on the page and there is an overlap of elements. If we can’t some how separate the pagination so page two only shows page two of a specific element’s posts, then can we at least avoid the overlap issue (which you will see when clicking to page 3)?


    Hey lzevon,

    That is actually an issue from our side – yes
    We will be working towards fixing it, you are correct on what is happening.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Basilis, I will look for the fix in an upcoming update. For our information, will this fix the overlap, the inability to have more than one pagination on the same page or both?

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    There is a workaround but you have to modify the framework > php > function-set-avia-frontend.php file. Remove everything and then replace it with this code:

    // https://pastebin.com/fE3rqh0x

    Best regards,


    I think since this isn’t a template file per se it doesn’t belong in the child theme, so I copied/backed-up the “function-set-avia-frontend.php” file and replaced the entire contents with what you provided. It didn’t fix anything – and I don’t know what it was supposed to fix because I don’t know if you are helping me to remedy…

    1. The overlap
    2. The ability to have more than one pagination item on a page
    3. Both 1 and 2

    The file you sent is still in place so you can see for yourself.




    I tested the code again and seems to be affecting the page query so duplicate posts appear on the page. I’m not really sure if there’s an easy way to enable multiple pagination while using the theme’s implementation. Have you tried using the masonry element? It has an ajax “load more” button.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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