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    The portfolio for Enfold is great. But I would like to use it for several pages with indivdual portfolios. For example at least 3 kinds:

    – Customers

    – Partners

    – Products

    – …

    Each portfolio should contain it’s own list of items and categories. The customer portfolio should contain the countries as categories, while partners should contain the type of partner (software / hardware / …), the products should contain product categories (for example: smartphones / tablets / …).

    So my question is: Can I in some way duplicate the portfolio plugin 3 or more times, and how?

    If not, any suggestions on how I can achieve a similar result? I can install a customer showcase plugin, but that’s again only 1 list, so same issue. I also really like the Enfold portfolio showcase, so I’d like to keep it the same (consistency etc.).

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi DavyE,

    You can use the regular portfolio custom post type and do exactly that. Just add portfolio element using the advanced layout builder to the page you want the portfolio group to show on and only select those categories you want to show on that page.

    As long as the categories for each group don’t cross over, only those categories that can be sorted on that specific page will be shown.




    Thank you very much for the help, I’ll try that and let you know if I still run into any trouble.


    Hello again,

    I’ve tried it the way you suggested and it works like a charm. In the CMS, however, it’s a bit of a hassle as all items are unordered in the same list (hundreds of cutsomers, tens of partners, tens of products and tens of photographs). Not very structured.

    But what I am most afraid of is that when I use the portfolio shortcode at the bottom of a different page, I will run into trouble when I add a new category. An example in a few steps:

    1) I have literally hundreds of customers to add in the CMS. The list of customers has several different countries as categories. and,

    2) At the bottom of every customer page I add the portfolio grid shortcode showing 4 other customers to trigger the visitor to check out those as well. I don’t want that to show product categories, so for each page I select which categories to show (only countries).

    3) One day I get a customer in a country that hasn’t been added as category yet. This becomes the problem. I add the new country category and customer assigned to that category, but the new category will not show up on the hundreds of portfolio shortcodes in the customer detail pages, unless I change the hundreds of shortcodes to also show that new category.

    So my question now would be: Can I make some kind of templates of the portfolio grid shortcodes so that I can add one template to the bottom of those pages and only have to change that template once to update it everywhere?

    Another related question: Can I make the portfolio shortcode show a random 4 of the selected categories? At the moment it seems to show only the 4 most recently added. As there are hundreds, it would be sad to always show the same 4 customers untill there is a new one added.

    Thanks in advance!


    You can save templates when in the advanced layout editor on right right hand side of the elements tabs where it has the ‘Template’ button. I’m not sure if they save the category options but that is your best route to try.

    As for the random/sort, no I don’t believe so. I’ll suggest adding a random function for them in a future update however.




    Working well with the templates, yet I can’t seem to find how to modify existing templates. I was able to create a template, it even remembers the selected categories etc., I can add it anywhere I want, but no “edit” option to be found. Logically, if I edit the added items in a specific page, then it’s changed only for that page, not for all pages using that template.

    So where can I find the option to edit the existing templates, please? Otherwise it’s of not much use (in case I want an extra category added)


    As far as I know, no there is no way to edit the templates.


    Then it pretty much misses the whole point of being a template. Creating a template, in my opinion, is not just about being able to quickly add the same information, but more about being able to change it once and have it updated wherever the info is shown.

    There is also no way to find it behind the scenes? Directly in some code somewhere? I suppose it has to be written somewhere, so if I could find that and add any new category that way, it solves the problem.


    No, it doesn’t really work that way. You would need to edit the data saved in the options table for that template, which is getting into much more complicated direction.

    Another option is to just use shortcodes and copy+paste in the “template” of shortcodes but again, you would need to edit it to update all areas.

    It isn’t ideal for your setup, but the system wasn’t really designed with this kind of use in mind so there aren’t mechanisms in place to support it yet.

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